Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travel to Quito

Today was a long day of travel. 4 and a half hours to Miami, then another 4 hours to Quito. But everything went very smoothly. We sailed through customs, everyone´s luggage arrived safely, and Dr. Zambrano was waiting for us with a large bus to take us to our hotel, a very nice place called the Finlandia. We arrived to find more changes waiting for us here. We leave tomorrow morning for Esmeraldas to decide what type of project we want to work on there; they have several in the schools there ongoing. We will also get a chance to work with a medical team that arrives Monday, so that was exciting news.

On our way to Esmeraldas tomorrow, we will be stopping at the Equator site, so right off the bat we can all cross that trip off our bucket lists! Hopefully we will have internet access at tomorrow´s hotel so that we can continue to keep you updated. My favorite sight tonight-driving through the spotless streets of Quito and looking UP at city lights on the mountain sides circling the area we are in. It´s the opposite of Phoenix where we drive up to a high spot to look down at lights-and it´s a pretty cool difference!

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